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Funny things kids say

Hey, guys, are you also unable to deal with the world today? Come, live in denial with me for a few moments.

Inspired by this tweet from Lin Manuel Miranda, tell us funny things you’ve heard kids say, or things you said yourself when you were little. Or, you could tell us weird/funny things you believed when you were little!


When I was little, I called umbrellas “bumberdrellas.” My mom told Homey that story and he now calls them “bumberdrellas,” too.

I think I mentioned this here before but, when I was little, my favorite neighbor was this little old lady named Mildred. Because she was my favorite, and chicken was my favorite food, I conflated the two and called chicken “Mildred.” So, my whole life, in our family, we’ve had “fried Mildred,” “Mildred noodle soup,” and “Mildred and dumplings.”

My youngest brother also used to love Bugs Bunny but, for some reason, he always called him “Bugs Rabbit,” no matter how many times he was corrected.

How about you guys?

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