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Funny/Weird/Crazy Work Stories

Hey ya’ll. My friend told me this story yesterday about an employee who had been becoming increasingly defiant about normal office protocol. They start work at 8 but she started coming in at 6 to leave at 3, which you can’t just do. They told her repeatedly that work is from 8-5 but she wouldn’t listen. This along with complaining about her 5 mile commute each morning to multiple coworkers among other things led to yesterday’s event. They felt it was time to let her go so they took her into the office to talk about the decision. She stormed out, grabbed her company laptop, threw it into her purse and bolted to the parking lot. My friend and the CEO chased her and told her they were going to have the call the cops if she took off with it, but she didn’t seem to care, got into her car and took off. Hours later, the sheriff was able to locate her and retrieve the laptop, which she wiped clean.

I thought it would be fun to share some of your most memorable, weird, funny, bizarre work/coworker stories.


Happy Wednesday!

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