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Funployment Thoughts

So that happened and you guys were awesome and supportive thoughts worked. Since I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls and I spoke to one company’s CFO and an offer seems to be on its way. Bonus the office I’d be working in is 1/2 mile from my house. My last commutes have about 30- 45 minutes each way.

Things I’ve done this week:

-walked to my potential new job to enjoy the sun and get some exercise. Damn a mile round-trip was long. If I do work there I should walk to work when it’s nice out.


-Got an egg sandwich on a bagel and a diet coke because damn it I wanted it and it was tasty and I have severance and vacation pay coming.

-Picked up the dry cleaning and cleaned the bathroom, dusted and windexed in all the rooms. I swept and mopped the floors and did laundry this week as well. I might as well have a clean house.

-I’ve had 2 in-person interviews, 2 phone interviews, and one in-person interview tomorrow as a back-up in case the offer letter isn’t what I expect or there’s a problem. Basically I’ll keep things in the mix until I know I have a start date. There’s other stuff I’ve been called about to that I have my resume in the running for a couple more things.

-I had one guy really pushing me to send my resume, the money was decent but the commute would have been soul-crushingly awful. My mother said I would end up hating my life if I did the commute and she is practical with a capital P, and has worked up in that area though not that particular city. If it had been monster money I probably would have done it though. Student loan vs. mental health who will win? (Answer: No one)


-Fought with my student loan people. There may or may not be a recording of me declaring THEY CAN’T FORECLOSE MY KNOWLEDGE. (I was nice to the girl, she agreed that showing her the payment but not for what it was applied to was messed up and she;s sending me some payment history).

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