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John Junior, or JJ, or Angel, sometimes Hippo. I don’t think he actually knows his name though...

We haven’t had one in a while, and I really wanted to share this furry face, so my apologies to whomever I may be hijacking this from!

This guy was found wandering the streets of Aspen. Some people found him and were keeping him in an empty lettuce bin. A woman offered to home him, took out an ad in the paper, and had him for six months. She met my stepmother, who was doing hair feathers, and told my

JJ in a tube. This inspired a funny email about the importance of proper pipe fitting and flow testing to my forensic engineering friend. I may make a post about that.

stepmom about the hamster, about how she’s leaving in November, and needed to find someone to care for him. Stepmom suggested me.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, this guy came to live with us. The previous person had named him Angel. I wasn’t crazy about the name, but too distracted to think of anything else. We contacted a seller on Craigslist for some cages and tubes, which just arrived Tuesday. We had our neighbor kids over (8 and 4)

JJ in one of his coconuts.

to “help” with the setup. The 8 year old was more helpful than the 4 year old.

During the construction phase of the

cages, the 8 year old suggested renaming Angel, since he didn’t like the name much. He suggested John, which is actually my dad’s name, so we were thinking John Junior, JJ, or Junior. Plus, Wednesday was my dad’s birthday, so I was able to call

The Compound. 

him up and tell him his first male grand-hamster was named after him! Dad

was a little drunk and loved it.

We are now referring to the whole cage setup as The Compound. JJ has escaped once, the first night, but was found soon after we discovered he was missing. He was setting up a nest in the back of the closet under the stairs, inspiring some Harry Potter jokes.


JJ now has four cages to wander

through, with a loft/fort thing in the top of each, water and food in each one, numerous paper towel and toilet paper rolls (that he can barely fit through), three coconuts, two wheels, and one hanging thing with a bell.


Share your furry faces everyone!

Edited for length of post and number of photos.

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