I went back through the FFF archive to find this picture of our beloved Gus (PumpkinSpies boy) to bring to you on this terrible day. His Trum~personation is the only thing that can bring a bit of a smile to my face today.

I just can’t bring the derptastic to Fur Face Friday at the moment, though there were sooooo many sweet faces last week. We’ll revisit Edie’s post from last week for some winners next week.

On behalf of the Snout Selecting Team, we hope you can find small joys & comfort today as we head in to some dark days. You’ve all brought those small joys & reached out in comfort to this tiny corner of the Kinjaverse that is Fur Face Friday over the years.


So, let’s do that again today in honor of Bo & Sunny. Let’s give their family the warmest of farewells~

Give them your Fur Faces!