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Fur Faced Favorite Foods (Treats)

What special, surprising, or weird foods does your pet love?


We have a greyhound rescue, Vito, who is a retired racing dog.

The strange thing about a greyhound rescue is that you have a very large, fully grown, highly food motivated dog that has absolutely no socialization to living in a house. He didn’t even know how to climb stairs when we first brought him home. He also didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to grab any food that he saw, anywhere in the house, including counters and the cupboard.


The two things that he. grabbed within the first hour after we brought him home were a bunch of bananas- which he ate, skins and all- and a whole clove of fresh garlic. He has never had garlic again, but he absolutely loves bananas- they are probably his favorite snack. We split a banana every morning when I have coffee. :)

He also loves broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, sweet peas, and all kinds of vegetables & fruit (that dogs are allowed to have.) Both of the dogs will come into the kitchen at night to demand their vegetables after they eat their canned & dried food.

Greyhounds have such low body fat that they are **always** hungry! He dances when he gets dinner at night, and he licks his bowl when he is done eating after every meal.

We never used to feed our dogs “human” food, until we lost one of our good dog friends to cancer at age 6. Their lives are so short- it must be so hard to only eat when someone else decides that you can! My wife objects that I will “ruin their meals”, but broccoli, carrots and similar are mostly water and vitamins. It also keeps them active during the day. Otherwise they tend to get depressed, and just stay up stairs sleeping.


Share your stories & pics.


(Yeah! I finally got this posted! I think I was supposed to post this in April or May 2015?) :)

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