My husband is shit with money, and I haven’t had a legit full-time job since 2006. We have furniture, but it’s not super nice.

I also have two dogs under the age of three.

So we have these basic oak pieces which I purchased in 2006 from an unfinished oak warehouse and finished myself (fruitwood stain ... which maybe I regret?). During peak separation anxiety issues, FluterPup chewed on the corners of a plant stand. Two of the corners are rounded and a little splintered.

Sometime in the last week, she took a nibble on the corner of an end table. (FluterDude swears it was her because he would “never leave the puppy unsupervised” but the damage is much smaller, and much less deep ... so I actually think it was the puppy. But it doesn’t matter. Some asshole chewed on my table and now there are teethmarks on two of them.) There may or may not be a chest and a bedside table from FluterDog’s early years which I tried to sand down, but those are the pieces I would replace first if we suddenly had money for furniture.

There’s too much damage to just sand out and refinish. Hunks of wood are missing. Is there a way to make it look attractive again (and not like I live in a doggy playground)? You guys are pretty resourceful. What do you think?