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Fury (in a quiet tone)

I've been in a training session for the past two days. The training is for a certification I need in order to do a new function for my job. If I do not pass the certification, I cannot perform the new function/part of my job.

Prior to the training I was given no materials, no information, no anything about what was required. I go to the training. Fully 1/3 of the two days was spent doing "warm up" and "get to know you" activities that did nothing to explain what I need to do in this new function. Grudgingly, books outlining the concepts behind the function were given out at the end of day one. (Books that together are over 600 pages.) Nothing in the first day described the actual function.

We did some "practice" in the afternoon of day two. We never discussed, reviewed, or even mentioned 1/4 of the function. We take the 3 hour exam tomorrow where we will be measured with three separate scores for each of the four parts. If you fail even one score on one part, you fail.


The test administrator came in to say, "Don't worry, don't stress. It's all going to be okay. Only 35% of the test takers pass the first time."

Perhaps I am the crazy one, but if I knew that the instruction I provided resulted in only a 35% pass rate, I would change my instruction.

I most likely will not be able to respond to any responses posted today as I will be spending the rest of the evening studying and trying to teach myself the material.

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