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Fuuuuu... I think I broke my phone. EDITED x3

I dropped my phone like three times today because I was busy shitting my pants. The last time I dropped it was while I was picking up my kiddo like 20 minutes ago. When I grabbed my phone just now, the screen had separated from the case a bit, so I pushed it back together. Which caused the screen to go all white. So I turned off my phone. And now it wont turn back on. Well, technically I think it is turned on, but the screen won’t come on. It keeps vibrating every 15 seconds or so, like it is wanting me to look at an alert. when I turned the sound on, it started beeping at me every 15 seconds instead of vibrating. I tried plugging it into my computer to restore it and itunes couldn’t restore it because it says it couldn’t find my phone, even though it is plugged in. ARRRRGH. I don’t think I can get it to turn off either because I keep trying to press the buttons down and hold them down and nothing happens. HALP!!!

ETA: I have an iphone 5C if that helps. How do I call about repairing my phone...without a phone???


ETA2: so I have been trying to make a genius bar appointment, but apparently I have locked myself out of my apple account becasue it keeps telling me my ID and/or password are incorrect. But when I try to reset it via email, I am not getting the email in my inbox at all. But when I try my security questions, they don’t work either. WHAT THE FUCK.

ETA 3: managed to finally get my security questions right, so I was able to reset my apple ID. But the genius bar doesn’t have any free spots till THURSDAY. RRRR. So I am hitting the mall at lunch tomorrow to see if I can either find the screen repair kiosk that is there somewhere or horn in at the apple store. I NEED A DRINK.

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