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FXNow vs Verizon

I have Verizon FiOS powering all my shit. For approximately $16 billion dollars per month, I get all the cable and movies and sportaballs and whatnot, along with my speedy interwebs and a sweet unlimited whatchamacallit deal on my phone thing.

We are not, at this time, looking to jettison that. But I can't get FXNow and allll The Simpsons episodes and stuff because Verizon and FX or Fox or whatever the hell are in a snit and fighting about streaming costs/charges etc.

Does anyone know a way around this? Aside from maybe hopping on one of the neighbor's unsecured networks, that is. (Seriously, people - secure that shit).


If there is a way around this, can someone please explain it to me in tiny words that my 8-year-old might understand?

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