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FYI about TMI

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So, cat’s out of whatever bag it was in. Brotherology apparently reads Jezebel on a nearly daily basis (awww!), and as a result has finally figured out my handle. I don’t think he knows how to look up all my comments. But regardless, he sees them at the bottom of articles, and I’m going to make a conscious effort to change my tone and the amount of personal information I share and relate to various topics. Some people will enjoy that anyway, because they say I overshare. I don’t care about them. But I do care about Brother, who specifically told me that it was TMI and “ruining this website” for him. Which amuses me to no end. :) He wants to read Jezebel in peace, guys! So, ok! I love you, Brother. I’ll still comment, but I will try to shift the tone and manner of comments. I’d say something lovey now, but you’d hate it. So, Lady out. Whiskey, tango, foxtrot, Charlie, alpha, something.


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