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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GAAHHHHH: A Cosplay Story

My first ever Comic Con is coming up in less than a week and I really want to get my costume right ESPECIALLY now, after the creator of the comic book I'm cosplaying from reblogged some of my cosplay teaser pics on tumblr and said he hoped to see me there. Most things have been time consuming but easy or quick and expensive, but I've managed to get it almost completely out of the way...except for the damn bodysuit.

I'm a pretty crafty person (Mom+Girl Scouts taught me well) but this bodysuit is something above my skill level. It's stretchy elastic and cotton and I have to hand dye a large design into it on my own, which shouldn't be too hard as long as I find the right lines to put the protective masking tape around. If I can find them.


I don't have a dressmaker's dummy and none of my roommates are my size so I can't put it on another model and draw, I tried to make a cardboard frame which didn't work so now I have to keep putting it on, checking the lines, taking it off, and making measurements. It's so frustrating and slow and it's the first day of my period so I feel super fat in this suit.

This project is eating up my life, guys. It's ridiculous.

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