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I feel I need to start a general "people on FB don't seem to understand they are the worst" post. Granted, complaining about people I barely know kinda also makes me the worst, but whatever. My left foot is still thawing over an hour later, I may have gotten frostbite on my toes.

I just read a comment to a hs friend of mine by one of her mom friends that included a total of 5 positive affirmation cliches. 5! It's like the woman is a goddamn greeting card or set of refrigerator magnets.


ETA the comment because it's seriously bothering me more than it should:

First of all *** women like us are not "chubby"...we are bold and beautiful!! Extra pounds just means more to love! Who would love a stick when you can have the whole darn tree? LOL And as for him being a "chubby chaser"...those that say that are just jealous he got you and they didnt! LOL Don't listen to the naysayers...the only way they can feel happy is to make others miserable...do not let them get to you!! I saw this article yesterday...made me kind of sad but at the same time I saw it coming...guys who follow women like this are just boys who never grew into men!! ya hun and your baby pix are adorable!!

Place general/minor annoyances about people here, because it's Monday and it's been a shitty day for most of us.

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