Implementation of the global gag rule went well beyond abortion to effectively limit all discussions of family planning, including condom use to prevent HIV infection and multiyear spacing of pregnancies to avoid maternal deaths. Organizations as diverse as the World Health Organization, the United Nations Population Fund and Family Health International lost millions of dollars in support from the US government during the years the gag rule was enforced.

This isn’t getting much press, but last night on MSNBC, Cecile Richards talked about the global gag rule that DJT reinstated yesterday. It not only prohibits using private funds for abortions - or talking about abortions - the effects are more widespread than that (and still unclear). It also affects HIV/AIDS and maternal health funding. It affects talking about condom usage and the zika virus (in ways I’m not clear about because it is just not getting media coverage).

“This is much bigger than abortion,” said Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women. “The global gag rule affects family planning, maternal health, HIV prevention and services, sex education for young people—it affects the whole of women’s health care around the world. Reinstating this policy directly targets the world’s women and girls, and rolls back reproductive health and rights globally.”


Elizabeth Warren has sponsored a bill to roll this back. The timing of this gag rule reinstatement is particulary offensive given that it came right after the march on saturday, and on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Please tell your MoC to support Warren’s bill.


This morning I learned about a great resource to keep informed on what is going on on multiple fronts. Everything is coming so quickly it is hard to keep up. It feels just like the elections - so much bad is happening, it is hard to know what to focus on and what to resist. That’s one reason why the women’s march was so great - WE RESIST AND PROTEST IT ALL!!! There isn’t just one issue - it is all of our progressive values that are at risk. We have to fight together against all of it.