Warning, first world problem.

I just picked up two of our couch blankets (throws?) and one of them was a faux-fur blanket from Pottery Barn that was a gift because I can't afford to spend that much money on a blanket (throw?). I love, love, loved the thing, and they put it in the wash/dryer, instead of the dry clean area. I'm heart-broken because now the soft, silky faux-fur is matted balls of charred fur balls. I totally had a WTF anger moment, but they are a really sweet older couple and always give amazing prices so I really am not going to bitch them out but I was just so sad when I got home and put it on me. Do you guys know where I can find the same blanket online that isn't straight from PB since I can't really afford it?

***I live overseas so I'd have to ship to my parents house in the US. Thanks, everyone!!!