I liked it. I would love tosee the ratings of the first and last thirty minutes. It was a musical a musical if you paid money for would want your money back at intermission. The first half hour the two major songs sounded identical. The second half hour redeemed itself I enjoyed the banter between the king and his aide. I espcially liked the very last song which were double duets. Characters the king is a riot to watch, very Basil Fawlty like yet he is no Cleese. The queen I do not like her, she wants a piece of jewelry and folks died protecting it. Galavant is an idiot and really he and the woman he is working with I kept wanting them to go back to the king and queen.

Destined to be a cult hit a so bad its good yet at the sametime I get the feeling that's what they are aiming for.

Anyone watch?