Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was so confused to find that this even existed. I saw a few commercials for it, but I thought they were just re-running the first season. I swear I read they were not getting picked up!

I enjoyed the first season but I remember saying I thought it really would work better as a one-time “event” and I wished they had just wrapped things up instead of leaving it open for a second season.


But I am all caught up now and fully on board. (Well, all caught up except for whatever aired last night as I have no cable and so Sunday shows are Monday shows for me!)

I think in general they stepped it up this season and there have been some really great songs. These are the three standouts for me so far:

1. My Dragon Pal and Me

Timothy Omundson is so fabulous. And this hair and beard combo he’s been sporting for a while is even starting to grow on me. Anyway, this song is hilarious and adorable and definitely my favorite from the whole show. I need to learn the words ASAP.


2. What Am I Feeling?

I think this is the first song on the show I’ve thought was just really pretty. Like I can definitely imagine this song in heavy rotation in my shower-singing songs.


3. Today We Rise

This Les Mis-inspired song was just a very well-done number all around. Definitely Sid’s best moment in the show I think.

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