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Galavant Season 2- Official Soundtrack

I’m so happy and surprised that the full official soundtrack is already available! And when I say full, I mean FULL! They put every song (excluding only a few reprises that didn’t make the cut) on one $9.50 digital album. 28 songs!

It was so hard to keep from purchasing individual songs I loved as they were released, but now I’m so glad I waited! This is such a good deal at around $0.34 per song!


A few songs are swapped in order—I think it was the right call to move “Goodbye” to directly after “Time Is of the Essence” but it’s a bit weird and jarring that they moved A Good Day To Die (Reprise) after A Real Life Happily Ever After, as the latter song continues a conversation they started in the first. But I just put them all in a playlist so I could rearrange them.

I hope enough people buy this soundtrack that they consider making more songs from the first season available to buy. That soundtrack was seriously lacking, and didn’t even have any songs from the last two episodes—including one of my favorites:

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