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Gallbladder surgery

The husband man had some really severe abdominal pain last night, to the point where he could barely walk and couldn’t eat. We went to the 24-hour clinic where they gave him a shot to dull the pain, and today his mother took him to the hospital and had some tests run. Apparently he has gallstones and they’re recommending surgery.

So, has anyone here had their gallbladder removed? The internet says it’s a fairly simple and low-risk surgery, but Hubs is a worrywart and I’m trying to reassure him (and myself).

The internet also mentions that one of the side effects of gallstones is indigestion. Hubs has suffered from chronic indigestion for over a year. Is it possible that the two are related, and that removing his gallbladder will help alleviate some of these problems? Because that would be the best damn news.


I’d ask the doctor all this myself, but I can’t get off work during the day and my medical Korean is pretty limited. Besides, I trust you guys.

ETA: Hubs just had another bout of abdominal pain so he’s off to the emergency room with his mother. They told me just to go to bed (it's past midnight here) but I can't sleep when I worry about him...

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