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Obviously, spoilers.



I do not like this plot development/book deviation at all. At all, at all. I hope she, Little Finger, or Theon slits her betrothed’s throat. Or maybe his jealous girlfriend, but I think she’s going to be more of a problem for Sansa.

I think the reason that it’s so upsetting is that the show seems to be destroying the best character growth (IMO) in the books. Book Sansa goes from a little girl who thinks/dreams that her life is going to be a fairy tale, full of princes, knights, and galantry, to a young woman who is grasping the hard realities of the world and dealing with them. Her dealing with the Eyrie nobility showed her grasp of reality. And she showed signs of being able to grow into a cunning player of the games.

The show is making her into a continuous pawn that gets traded from one monster husband to the next, in order to fulfill other men’s political machinations.


I hope I’m wrong and there’s pay-off on the show, but right now, I do not like.

And I don’t remember Tommin and Margery getting married yet? Am I wrong? I don’t care, because I love conniving Margery.

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