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Game of Thrones!!!!

Oh. My. God. Game of Thrones discussion post!

Ooh my god. I am so so full of joy watching that episode.

Holy shit Cersei just went savage on everyone who has been fucking with her for like, 4 seasons. She got her own crown too; she’s not dealing with that Baratheon antlers shit anymore.


Poor Margery. Poor Loras. I was shouting GET OUT YOU DUMMIES!! as soon as I saw Lancel in that catacomb full of Wildfyre. But fucking yes the High Sparrow got evaporated!

At least her grandmother managed to get out. And then she went to Dorne (ugh) but they are finally doing something (yay!).

Poor Tommen. Poor sweet summer child Tommen. That scene broke my heart.

King in the North! And Lady Mormont straight shading all those old dudes who pussied out. Love her for always.


Daavos!!!!! So glad he got to confront Melisandre for literally BURNING A CHILD TO DEATH ultimately for nothing. Stannis died. All his men died. Her death meant nothing. Tragic.

Arya’s storyline finally coming to fruition!!!! Ayra’s like ‘Have a Frey Pie, asshole! And then I take off my face and I murder you!’


Sansa isn’t a silly kid anymore; she sees everything and she’s way smarter than Jon (Targeryan). Little Finger is up to no good. Hopefully Sansa can curtail that before it gets out of hand.

Dany is finally, finally rolling over to Westeros. That was a beautiful scene. I’m excited to see where this goes. So so excited for next season.

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