I want to talk briefly about last week on Game of Thrones. This isn’t a criticism post, this is a post of adoration. Last week the cast at Winterfell nailed it, specifically Alfie and Sophie.

Spoilers afoot after this.

The fear that I felt rise up in me when Sansa found him in the kennels. The panic, but also Sophie’s reaction of revulsion, fear, anger. I see him shaking and I remember everything Ramsey did to him (both in the books and on screen) and I am terrified of it happening again.

He’s gotten so good so quickly. He’s just.. I’m always amazed.


Remind you of Cersei much?
Her growth into a hybrid of Cersei and Littlefinger but also her mother is interesting and steadfast. I wonder what she will do with Reek. That little smirk at the end of breakfast/dinner (did anyone catch what meal that was?) when Roose lowered Ramsey a few notches with Walda’s pregnancy was awesome.

“You are not alone, The North remembers.” — GUYS! Is this old lady the face of the resistance?! Is there a Winterfell resistance building?! Also, she reminded me of Old Nan and I got incredibly sad. The Stark theme (the swelling string bg music) never helps this.

Oh and book readers... did you do a little chuckle when just before this :


Just as Jon enters, Maester Aemon says something very interesting to Sam?

I laughed a good laugh. Thanks for that one D&D.