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Game of Thrones: Dammit, Stannis

OK so SUPER DUPER SPOILERS. For everyone who watched Game of Thrones last night, can we talk? I need to talk.

WHAT THE FUCK STANNIS??? You burned your own kid alive to win a crown and now YOU HAVE NO HEIRS. Good fucking job. Maybe you can make another smoke baby with Melisandre and that thing can rule. It’ll do a better job than you’re doing. I was on your side Stannis. Your grammar correcting was hilarious and your alleged love for your scarred little princess was endearing. You can go die on a pyre, Stannis. Oh and, Seylse? Way to half assed attempt to save your child from a truly hideous death. You guys are the worst parents that ever parented.


DANY BE RIDING DRAGONS!!! Oh my gosh, what is the fallout gonna be from all those Sons of the Harpy showing up? Their movement isn't some tiny group of rebels. They seem to be quite a large part of the population. Is Daenerys gonna drop Mereen like a bad habit? Is she gonna force her rule with Drogon or is she gonna leave the city to the rebels?

I kind of hope she lets the other two dragons free now that she’s got Drogon kinda under control. At least under control enough to FUCKING RIDE OFF INTO THE SKY LIKE A BOSS.


Next week it seems Sansa is finally gonna do something about her Ramsay problem. They’ve made it seem like she meets up with Brienne but who knows? I hope that happens. It would be awesome to see Brienne slice that little fucker from balls to brains.


Is this all we’re getting of the Sand Snakes? Because they were LAME. I’m hoping they keep their story going to next season so those actresses can like, learn proper fight choreography or get in better shape or something. They sucked.

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