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Spoilers below Sansa livin' the dream:

SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? Jaime rapes Cersei? WTF? What did you smoke, David and Dan and why didn't you have a sober buddy? Why did GRRM not smote you for this shit? This was not in the books! JAIME WAS NEVER EVER EVER RAPEY. OMG. OMG. I know you have to change a lot of things from the books to the show but taking a non-rapey character WHO MOST PEOPLE LIKE and making him RAPEY?


Other thoughts:

  • Pissing is sooo classy, Mereen!warrior and nu!Daario. But Dany is looking badass and her Valerian speeches with that music get me going 'yeeeeah! DAMN THE MAN!'
  • Love that Oberyn's reaction to Joffrey's death is a fivesome. That's so Oberyn! BUT WHY IS HE WEARING PANTS? Seriously, How do you have a fivesome in pants?
  • Oh Pod. *single tear*
  • Sansa, my sweet summer child. Can't you see the creep that's creepin' on you? *shudders*
  • That explains why we didn't get any backstory for the Fool because he didn't need any. Since he died.
  • Tommen is way too old.

ETA: Chasmosaur100 linked to a very good article about the Jaime/Cersei rape that includes the relevant passage from the book, for those who want to compare.

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