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Welcome To The Bitchery

Let’s discuss guys!

That episode last night was a doozy, where to even begin!


It started off right where we left off, Jon’s body in the ice. For some reason I knew Davos would be the one to find him and the look on his face when he did sent my heart to the floor. Davos is loyalty like we haven’t seen in The Game of Thrones universe, he is a good man. Which means his time is ticking don’t you think?

It was an interesting progress from The Night’s Watch to Kings Landing, to Arya, to Dorne ...

Let’s shore up at Dorne and have a collective “WHAT THE FUCK EVEN ISHAPPENING MOMENT?” Pretty sure I said that IRL because really what even is happening with the Dorne story line? I can’t even get a read on their end game.

I know I am not the only one still reeling from last night.

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