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So many spoilers to follow. Please enjoy this picture of emo Jon Snow:

LADIES BE DOING SHIT! Here are random thoughts in no particular order:

-I love that Brianne rolled into Castle Black and was all “BTW, I totally killed Stannis, so deal with it.”


-Speaking of Brianne, Tormund is in LOVE. He gave her a look like he wants to climb her like a jungle gym. Please let them hook up. PLEASE?

-STARK KID REUNION. I did not tear up. Ok, maybe I did. Yep, I did.

-Yara/Asha whatever and Theon - banding together to lead the Ironborn. KICK THAT KINGSMOOT’S ASS, Y’ALL!

-Fucking Sansa all like “If you don’t help, I will do it myself.” Because she has had enough of this shit. FINALLY. I hope she at least pimp slaps Littlefinger next week. Or kicks him in the nuts. Or gets Brianne to kick him in the nuts.

- Danerys. YES BITCH. Pro tip, Dothrakki edition: if you’re deciding the fate of the Mother of Dragons, don’t do it in a dry, wooden building with some really big torches full of flammable fuel.


-Danerys needs to hook up with Edna Mode, to get some fireproof clothes.

-Seriously, the Dothrakki are ridiculously easy to defeat. Lock door, burn down building. Saunter out naked and unburnt, rule. That’s, like, the Khalissi’s Tuesday.


-Cerci- are you possibly working smarter, not harder? Probably not. But this fucking show- I have HATED Cerci for so long. Yet now I am 100% team Incestuous Twin power. BURN BERNIE SPARROW TO THE GROUND.

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