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This is a book spoiler-friendly post. Share your thoughts here. My thoughts after the jump.

What the fuck, HBO? Where was Lady Stoneheart? And why the bullshit show-fan service like the pointless funeral pyre for Ygritte?


I liked the encounter between the Hound and Brienne. It achieved the same result but gave us more of characters we wouldn't otherwise have reason to see. And damn, that was some acting by Rory McCann. My heart broke when his voice broke on the "Please."

I guess now we don't need to bother caring about Jojen's fate - it looks like Jojen paste has been replaced by a gorgeous scene of sacrifice and mercy by Meera. It was a truly beautiful moment - but spoiled for me by thoughts of "Hmpf, so that's all he wrote, eh. Guess I don't need to worry about any Jojen arc next book." I hate when the show spoils the books, but fair is fair when you consider how much the books have spoiled the show (from a conscientious viewer's standpoint - dealing with assholes online and in conversation).

I am a Cersei fan. I empathize with her. I love her character. I love her chapters. I LOVED her brutal confrontation with Tywin tonight. Everything with Cersei and with Jaime in this episode was made of fabulous and win.

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