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Game of Thrones Question (spoilers)

Spoilers below for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones! Also, please enjoy this extremely large image of Jon Snow’s face as a spacer.

Okay! Now that we’ve got Jon Snow’s face out of the way—about this most recent episode. WHY are the Wildlings at Castle Black? If they were on boats at Hardhome, shouldn’t they have just sailed on south until they got to the “gift” area and then docked there? Castle Black isn’t even on the coast—did they march to the sea, get on boats, sail south for like an hour, then get back on land, sneak past the Army of the Dead to the exact east-west center of the landmass, and choose that particular spot to go through the Wall?! WHY?! I mean, I assume that we are just supposed to overlook this bizarre plot hole, but it’s too much for me.


Also I have never understood why the Wildlings didn’t just build boats and go around the wall. I assume there might be some ships guarding the waters on either end of the wall, but if they sail around far enough surely they could get past them? Maybe it would not be feasible to build ships big enough without any shipbuilding or sailing knowledge, but it seems like small groups of people could make little boats and sneak by. Can any book readers explain this to me?

Also, when I got to the part with Shireen, I had to pause the show, cry, and eat a chocolate cupcake before continuing. :(

*Off Topic Anecdote: I dreamed last night that I was at this sort of camp-like place where the buildings all were make of logs and looked a bit like the structures at Hardhome, but there was no snow and also no White Walkers or wights. Some of the log structures were a cross between high-ropes courses and theme park rides, and I remember telling someone that I am too afraid to do high ropes but I like the high swings ride (like this but wood and ropes). At one point I was trying to get the kid I nanny to go use the showers because he’d been swimming in the lake, but I wasn’t responsible for children the whole time. Also, even though we were not being attacked by ice monsters, we were still trying to evacuate for some reason. Either that or the camp place was where the evacuees/refugees were all coming (due to a natural disaster like a flood nearby)—it was a bit unclear tbh.

BUT the kicker is—Jon Snow was there! He was wearing normal clothes and we weren’t in Game of Thrones/Westeros, but it was definitely Jon Snow and not Kit Harrington. And YES, since you asked, he fell in love with me and became my boyfriend. Also he was not depressed-looking all the time in my dream, probably because I was his girlfriend and I never shot any arrows at him. Is this a sign? I am thinking this is probably a sign...though of what, I’m not sure! ;)

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