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Spoilers below the Queen Regent!


I think we've all been waiting for this (Purple Wedding!) for a looong time. I remember when I read it in the book I was like 'HAHA! SUCK IT, JOFFERS!' The only thing I feel badly about is that Jack Gleeson won't be around anymore - he's apparently delightful - and he's quitting professional acting. He does have a small theatre troupe which does shows mainly for children. So unlike Joffrey!



  • I loved Ser Loras and his sassiness. I did a little 'you go, Ser Loras' dance after he told Jaime off.
  • Ditto for Prince Oberyn. Hey Lannisters, you need some aloe for those sick burns!
  • First sighting of Reek! I wish they'd bleached out his hair.
  • Not crazy about the Stannis storyline. Seems in a bit of a standstill. Shouldn't he be marching/sailing north? FFS, Stannis. DO SOMETHING.
  • I liked the Direwolf!cam.
  • I'm not a fan of the machinations Tyrion uses to get rid of Shae. It really feels forced.

I thought the Purple Wedding would be as big as the Red Wedding but it was very short. Only 25 minutes or so. I was beginning to think maybe they'd move the assassination to the next episode.

What are your thoughts? Non-book fans, I'd like to hear if you were surprised by the death of our beloved King.


ETA: Tommen looked really old. I mean, we haven't seen him since the Battle of Blackwater but he looked a lot older. He's supposed to be quite young - 11 or 13, I think? They appear to have changed the actor.

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