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Game of Thrones: The most ambiguous show on TV *SPOILERS*

I've been pretty bored (board! boered!) the past few days, so I decided to mainline all three seasons of GoT, and I honestly feel so confused. (All the spoilers after the jump!!).

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about any of the characters anymore. In the first season it pretty much sets you up to love the Starks and hate the Lannisters - Ned is such an honourable bastard and Cersei, Jaime, and Joffrey all seem like massive, massive assholes, so it's basically a "good guys versus bad guys" thing going on.

Except, of course, Catleyn kind of abducts an innocent man (Tyrion, who we are supposed to think is awesome, I guess?) and basically starts a war, and King Robert isn't exactly portrayed as the most capable or competent king or father before his untimely death. So while I kind of give the Starks the benefit of the doubt, by the time Ned's head is ROFLing I wonder if I should feel all that sorry for him just because he was honourable and naive.


In the second season, the one that gets me is Theon. He was basically taken as a hostage as a child, raised in a foreign land, and then goes back home where he's treated like a loser. But, he also acts like a loser and fondles his sister (accidentally, which ew) so I don't exactly root for him all the way. Nevertheless, I kinda want him to prove himself and not be such a sad sack.

But then he loses my sympathy completely when he takes Winterfell, kills the dude with the funny beard, and generally acts like a knob again, even faking killing Bran and the other kid just for some brownie points. So when Robb says he wants to kill him, I kinda agree. Then he gets captured (somehow) and gets physically and psychologically tortured by an even greater knob, threatened with rape, and castrated, and all of a sudden I feel really bad for him again.

Yet I can't help thinking at this point that it's all a trick and it won't last. I feel the same way about pretty much every character (except the remaining Stark kids, Tyrion, and Brienne of Tarth, who's a massive badass) - no feelings one way or the other (I didn't really feel all that sad during the Red Wedding - I was getting bored with Robb(bbbbb) anyway). Another example is Jaime - colossal, child-crippling prick from the first episode, then loses his hand and starts acting like kind of a nice guy, but he's still a Lannister and I'm supposed to hate them, right?

It's making my head hurt, for reals guise. I've never felt so completely morally lost in a work of fiction before, and it's so damn confusing. At least there seems to be more of Samwell Tarly recently - LOOKATTHOSECHEEEEEEKS!!!!


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