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Game of Thrones Theories

I know a lot of people on GT follow Game of Thrones and most likely have read the books. I was wondering if anyone on GT follows the some of the theories or has any theories of their own?

I think my favorite Theory is that ASoIaF is a sci if story taking place thousands of years into the future. Humans from Earth gained the ability to fly to other worlds and somehow that knowledge was lost. The Long Night was a really a nuclear winter. All of the people with magical abilities are genetically modified inbred humans. The Others are not a real threat just another group of genetically modified inbred humans.

Some other good theories are:

The Maesters are secretly controlling Westeros for their own ends. Maesters know a lot and they are around their lords for important meetings and care their lord’s family. The Maesters may have had a hand in killing the dragons and preventing dragons from hatching.


Sweet Robert/Robin Arryn has magical powers that are stronger than Bran and the seeming sickly boy will outlive everyone in the Story.

Way back in Book one/season one, Lord Stark held court in place of Robert who was off hunting. Several small folk from some Riverlands towns told Ned that their towns had been burned to the ground by a huge guy. For this Ned sentenced the Mountain to die. Well, maybe just maybe the Mountain didn’t set fire to three Riverland towns. Maybe the Riverland Lords of those towns wanted the Starks and Lannisters at each others throats.

Princess Arianne of Dorne is the Queen that will bring down Cersei. In fact the Martells have had a 400 point plan to take Iron Throne since they first were under Targaryen rule. Dorne is the only kingdom to surrender to the Iron Throne with stipulations, and the stipulation was Dornish law applied to the rest of the Seven Kindoms.

Littlefinger and the Iron Bank are working together. Littlefinger embezzled money from the crown then used that money to make more money for himself. He got other lords to take out loans with the Iron Bank and then asked the Iron Bank to call in all of their loans. The Lords that don’t have much would then have ask Littlefinger to buy their debts. Of course help from Littlefinger isn’t for free, he in turn get wards from these noble houses and the promise of armies should the need arise. This is also how he stays Lord Protector of the Vale. It’s also possible that he has the fleet at Whiteharbor as well.


Mad Aerys might have been crazy, but the high lords and maesters were out to get him. When the High Lords would marry most of the time the wed their bannerman’s daughters. When Ned’s generation became old enough to marry, the Highlords were going to marry each other. Lyanna would have married Robert, Jamie would have married Lysa, but he became a Kings Guard. Elia of Dorne was supposed to marry a Hightower, but Oberyn messed it up. I think that Doran the prince of Dorne was supposed to marry a Highborn girl, but he eloped with a Volantine noble woman.

Myrcella might not be Myrcella, she might be her double. In the book, there is a long plot by Princess Arianne to crown Myrcella queen by Dornish law. Dorinish Law states that women and men have an equal right to inherit. So Myrcella being older than Tommen should be Queen. Myrcella is not alone in Dorne, she has Lanisterme, a Kingsguard to look after and a distant cousin there as her double. Princess Arianne seduces the kingsguard and tells him he can make Myrcella queen. After bringing Myrcella to the Princess and her group of friends, wander the Dornish desert and are later attacked by Martell men. The kingsguard gets himself killed, Myrcella loses an ear and the coup is put down. It’s possible that the Myrcella was never with Arianne’s band to begin with and the girl the Martells know as Myrcella is really the double.


Tyrion is part Targaryen. He used to have dragon dreams and he is an expert on dragons. Tyrion’s hair is described as being a much lighter blonde than the rest of his family.

The Three-Eyed Crow and the Children of the Forest are up to no good. Did you miss the most important foreshadowing of the entire series? Old Nan told you and Bran that all crows were liars. In case, you were wondering The Three-Eyed Crow is not a Child of the Forest he is a human warg like Bran and a legitimized Targaryen bastard named Brynden Rivers. He was the hand of the King and Lord Commander of the Nights Watch before he went over the wall and became one with a tree.


Who and How old is Melisandre anyways? There are theories that she might be the daughter of a Targaryen bastard(s). There is a theory that she is way older than she claims to be and she is using magic similar to the Faceless Men to appear younger than she is.

Maybe Daeny didn’t have to go into the fire to hatch the Dragons. Maybe she was able to hatch dragons because of her genes. The eggs would have hatched no matter a what and her children would all be able to ride a dragon. It would also mean that Daeny isn’t fireproof. Mirri Maz Duur’s spell kept Daeny safe from the fire.


What does Littlefinger truly want from Sansa? The show goes all the way left, but it’s not clear even in the books why Littlefinger is going to so much trouble for Sansa. One theory is Littlefinger is trying to for fill a prophecy that Rhaegar and Lyanna tried to for fill and perhaps Bael the Bard. He is trying to marry Sansa as Alayne to Sweet Robin/Roberts Arryn’s Heir.

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