Maybe spoilers if you haven't watched it yet. Can share spoilers if you have read the novel and are watching the show. So spoilers are welcome and possible.

I'd like to talk about Theon specifically but you may talk about anyone and I may end up rambling and discussing some one else. Also wasting space here in case this shows up on the GT main page.

Alrightie. On with the show. So I've read a few reviews regarding last nights episode and I see that some felt the Theon torture scene was far too gratuitous. And while I can understand this sort of compliant - I mean HBO programming is gratuitous in general I have to say I disagree. I was squirming and closing my eyes the entire time! I found nothing sexual or enjoyable in the whole interaction. It had to be the single most uncomfortable scene thus far, I had no idea what to do except to keep shouting at the screen. Perhaps it was gratuitous but it all served to set the tension and the fear of the interaction between the women and Theon. I was afraid for each person in that scene and was pins and needles waiting for "the stranger" to return. I'm rather surprised that others have taken issue with the nudity and sexuality of the scene over the pure torture of it.

I may just want to take a moment to say that Jaime and Brienne are still faves. I spent a fair amount of time concerned for both them and that bear. Poor bear.