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Game on nature. Let's make a baby!

My husband and I were going to wait until the summer to start trying to have a baby. But after buying an ovulation test kit just to experiment, I got oddly competitive with it. I also started freaking out.

1. My mom said it took her 8 years to get pregnant, and she finally had to take fertility drugs for both my sibling and me. However, she isn’t exactly the most on top of things, so I could totally see her having sex once between periods and then being sad she didn’t get pregnant. Then again, she did get pregnant and miscarried. “I had endometriosis!” “I was only ovulating from one side!”

2. My periods are so irregular. 25 days, 42 days, skip on average once a year. Not exactly a great foundation for making a baby. Sometimes I see the fertile egg white fluid, sometimes I don’t.


3. I’m turning 32 this year. Not old at all, but we’d like to have 2-3 kids, so I don’t have time for an 8 year ordeal. Plus my husband travels a lot for work, so I’m afraid he may be gone next time I ovulate.

Fast forward to this ovulation kit where it’s detecting estrogen but no surge. I’m on day 18 of my cycle. I saw the fertile egg whites this morning and woke up my husband to get it on (“best alarm ever!”). So, I know the egg whites don’t mean I’m ovulating now, but it means it’s around the corner if I actually ovulate. I want to keep testing because I’m curious, but at the same time I’m totally type A and neurotic and think I maybe just need to put the stick down and relax.

Any similar backgrounds out there where it was easy to conceive? Can someone give me a good slap and tell me to relax? I just poured a glass of rose and then got worried about how drinking may affect ovulation. I hate the unknown!

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