So this is not the best-written article in the world - it kind of feels like the author knew nothing about sexism in South Korea before this story, so s/he did some quick research and threw it all in there without tying it together. Still, I thought it was an interesting (and disheartening) example of how international sexism can be.

Summary for those who don’t want to click: Kim Jayeon, a voice actress in a Korean online game tweeted a photo of herself wearing the above shirt, protests were sent in, and the company that owns the game fired her (she will be paid for her work, but her voice will not be used in the game). Fucking spectacular.

As per usual, there are a million extenuating, rationalizing explanations as to why this example isn’t sexism. To wit: the tshirt is sold by Megalia, which is a relatively radical feminist group (described here as “a radical feminist online community...that exhibits extreme misandry”). I’ll be honest; I do not know any more about Megalia than what I have just now researched, so I can’t say much about it. However, the original article includes the throwaway line “Many of the complaints, according to female activists, were offensive and anti-women.” Which...matters, right? Like, a bunch of complaints that said, “This actress should not be publicly supporting a group that has advocated aborting male children*” is different than a bunch of complaints that are just shitty misogyny, which the media then cloaks as a political response to a particular group.

Anyway, the gist of this is, here is yet another example of a woman being taken down by the sheer force of misogyny in gaming...and, yet again, the media appears to be doing all the work for the misogynists by rationalizing that her tone wasn’t right, and she wasn’t nice enough about how she protested against sexism. A significant portion of the BBC article is dedicated to Megalia’s radicalism and debate amongst the ranks of feminists about their tactics - and not a ton about the sexist crap that was said about Kim Jayeon.


*I just offered an example from one of the linked articles; I doubt that is an official stance of Megalia!