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Gamers! I require your assistance!

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The year is 2014, the planet is Earth. Our protagonist has to save her husband from the grips of MRA madness, but she needs your help!


Mr. BT found some stupid MRA response videos to Anita Sarkeesian's and he's buying that shit! I'm not going to link to them, but if you care to give this enema bag the clicks, it's Feminism vs. Facts on YouTube. It's a series and I couldn't even finish the first one and I felt so dirty for having given him the traffic. Basically, damsel in distress tropes = loving partners who want to save their girlfriend, video games make men out to be lunkheads doomed to violence and death, there is no market for anything else.
I know some of you have a lot more research and resources related to this, so I'm asking for links! I love this guy, but he's a white dude who doesn't get out much and spends a fair amount of time on reddit. He also is a talker. It would be easier for me to throw a bunch of links at him than to try to talk over him to get all that info to stick. He's not actively that kind of guy, he just needs to uncloud his privilege.
What say you, GT? Are you up to the task?

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