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It may be my birthday in a few days, my geeky brethren and sisteren. But ya'll are getting the gifts!

I've been digging through my Humble Bundle history and found quite a few games I already have that I'm more than happy to give away.

Now most of these are through Humble gift codes, not digital gifts, so you'll have to email me at uncleshyfty@gmail.com on a strictly first come first serve basis. And any given away will be struck out when I edit this.

  • Nightsky
  • McPixel
  • Metro 2033, Risen 1, and Sacred Citadel bundle
  • Fez
  • Mark Of The Ninja
  • Sanctum (with all DLC)
  • Cities In Motion 2
  • BioShock
  • And 4 Steam Gifts for the Dead Island: Epidemic beta

If anyone has posting privileges on TAY and Observation Deck, feel free to share.

..... and while I'm not asking for anything in return, any gifts from my Steam Wishlist (Steam Id: thashyftyone) would earn undying love.

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