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Gaming livestream for Planned Parenthood

Most of you can probably gather that I’m pretty passionate about supporting Planned Parenthood. Not only did they help me a great deal (and continue to help!), they also provide much needed public health services to the community. Unfortunately for me, as anger-inducing as the recent attacks on PP have been, my resources to help them directly are very limited. I don’t own a car, so I can’t just drive to my local clinic and volunteer. My personal funds are limited, so it makes it difficult for me to help financially.

Then I thought...you know what? I’m a gamer. I’m a beginning Youtuber. Why don’t I set up a donation page and do a livestream to raise funds for PP?

So, that’s what I did. You can find the donation page (which also has time/date details for the stream. Before anyone asks, I had set the date before I knew about tomorrow’s PP Day of Solidarity) here:


I’ve also gone through my personal game library and found games that have good female representation (examples: Child of Light, Transistor, Mirror’s Edge). So I hope I can raise money for a great cause while doing something I already enjoy.

Even if you can’t donate, signal-boosting and spreading the word is awesome!

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