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Garden Recipes

Our garden is doing well. Too well, one might say. We have tons of kale and quite a bit of lettuce and I’m losing my interest in making salads. With the lettuces, I’ve been doing tortilla wraps with a beet green pesto that I made (10/10 would recommend!). I’ve done kale chips, sauteed kale, and kale in salads. I’ve been looking for more recipes with kale, and saw one on pinterest for a roasted garlic and kale hummus that I think I’m gonna try. But seriously. So. Much. Kale.

So now I’m headed to the garden to plant more radishes.

Also, BIG THANK YOU to Babblegum for sending some sedums to me! Hopefully I won’t kill them. :) I’m reasonably adept at not killing plants...


So, GT, how is your garden growing? (Or whatever else...)

ETA: I just noticed the wasps are building a nest in the clothes line holder thing. Great. I’m debating if and how to get rid of them. Blergh. I hate killing insects, but I have been trying to make the yard bee-friendly, which includes for wasps. And I’ve been stung twice, but that’s because I garden in bare feet and have been letting the clover bloom all over, so... Hm.

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