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Garden Thief Gets Its Comeuppance

So I've been having trouble with something, I think it's a squirrel or a chipmunk, eating plants out of my garden. They've destroyed two strawberry plants I've planted so far. Not by eating the leaves, but by actually digging the plant up, eating the base of the plant, and leaving the leaves behind, little bastards.

Well, I have this red savina habanero plant that I have overwintered the past two years, that I recently put back outside. Because it spent the winter indoors under a grow lights, it already has peppers on it. The red savina was the hottest pepper in the world before the development of the ghost pepper, with an average Scoville rating of 450 000 units (jalapenos range between 3 500 and 8 000 Scoville units). I don't think mine have ever approached the 450 000 mark, but they are kinda spicy.


So anyways, today I came home and was mucking around the garden a bit, and I discovered one of the red savina peppers sitting in one of my garden boxes. Something had obviously picked it off the plant, and sat on the post of the garden box to eat it. There were two little nibbles from the top of the pepper, and then it had been abandoned.

Hopefully the experience means that the varmint will leave some of my other plants alone. I do have a ghost pepper plant, and a trinidad scorpion plant as well, but they have no peppers on them, yet.

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