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Gardening dilemma.

This is the first year I've had a garden of my own, and while things went well for the first few months, what I've been calling "phase two" of the garden has been kind of a disaster. I started with greens in the spring, and when they started going to seed, I just didn't have a good plan for what to put in that spot next. I ended up transplanting two tomato plants along with some other stuff, but the tomato plants went nuts and now pretty much take up the whole 4' x 4' space. I've staked and roped the tomato plants, plus I tried pruning them back, but it's just a wild mess of vines. To be honest, I'm kind of tired of dealing with it, and I just want to tear it out and plant some fall greens. I feel really bad about ripping out a viable plant, but I also feel like the space is being wasted. Cherry tomatoes are cool and all, but I want some greens again. Any ideas on what to do?


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