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Gardening for Dipshits

I want to plant flowers! I am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to plant flowers the best. I can’t figure out what the fuck plant is to be planted when and blooms when in my area.

  • It is really easy for most plants to grow in Southeast Louisiana, but the key is that some of them get out of control.
  • I keep trying to find plants that are resilient, but all they wanna talk about is droughts when I’m over here like, but can you drown a plant?
  • I am not capable of constant maintenance. I want something that grows well in super wet soil (since, you know, Louisiana).
  • My mom is like, “go see what other people have” but I have no idea what all those flowers are. I am not an encyclopedia.

I am trying to like, Google what flowers are best to plant at this time of year for my area and everyone insists upon writing to me as if I already know anything.

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