Garfunkel from Simon and Garfunkel was on CNN on Smerconish’s show talking about how he and Paul Simon gave the Sander’s campaign permission to use their song America on an ad.

Well a flood of memories came back to me. High school summer 1983. I had a friend and he would drive me amd another friend to various places. No clue what happened to either. Well he loooooved Simon and Garfunkel and played their cassettes like this one.

I soon liked their music although the older I get the more I appreciate them and their lyrics.

I Am A Rock is a very fun song and with friends singing it even more fun. Try it.

In Sounds of Silence a live 1966 version a very meditative soft song. A touch of sadness also.

And of course my favorite we would belt out that song when it played. Here is the music video the song is Mrs Robinson. The GREATEST coming of age movie ever. Never seen it? Stop what you are doing and see it. Its with a young Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft as Mrs Robinson. This video is of the song incorporating clips of the movie. The movie is The Graduate.