Now I know this is not funny at ALL you guys, and some people were hurt, and intentially releasing the gas is horrible but...

hehe okay I'm giggling a little. I don't think anyone was seriously injured and I think I'm mostly giggling because a) two glasses of wine and b) this is SO SOMETHING THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME. I am not a furry, but I can guarantee you that if I were, there would be me, in my Furry costume, being rushed to the hospital and sitting there in the ER dressed up like a sexy stuffed animal waiting for treatment. Or just the idea of them all being forced to evacuate the building and stand outside randomly in all of their furry suits.


Here is a vine from prior in the day lauding how good their security was:


Speedy healing to all of the furries afflicted. I hope you do not let this stop you from continuing to pursue your, uh, interests. And for real, screw the guy that did this. No shame in liking what you like, and there are a lot worse people out there than furries.