Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

*gasp* Disqus has stopped displaying total likes *distress*

Oh noes, y'all. I checked my Disqus profile today and it's no longer showing me my total likes (that I can find anyway). What's the point of even posting on NPR if it isn't to rack up precious, validating likes? I post here for discussion and camaraderie, but a site like NPR is so big just can't do that. I mean there are the occasional moments of real discourse, but it's mostly only good for making interesting points that others will like, patent grandstanding, and snarking trolls.

I just got a really good comment in early that's moving towards 200 likes (upvotes, whatever) but now I don't what my total is. How will I maintain my ratio (6.5/post)?


I guess now I'll just have to read it for the articles.

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