So, whenever I post a picture of yours truly on here, several posters always ask how do I get my skin to look the way it does, I mean, hell, even strangers in the street have stopped to ask my skin secrets! So, here they are!

First of all, I don't wash my face, I use Coconut Water Wipes by Pacifica (I get these at Whole Foods) and then moisturize with the Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator (Sephora), the night before. This is my morning routine: I shave my face every third day with Ambrosia from LUSH. After doing this, I apply Tube Mascara by BLINC (Sephora), it's the best, no smudges and extra long eyelashes. I wait 2 minutes for it to dry and then I moisturize my face with Josie Maran's Argan Oil (Sephora), 10 drops do it for my whole face and neck. I, then apply sunscreen by Thinksport (Whole Foods), all natural. I never leave without sunscreen. Don't forget your neck and hands, either!

After doing this, I apply Tantalizer by LORAC (Sephora online only) on my face and neck, it's for the body but I use it on my face as it's seriously the best thing, I've ever found! It makes me look so golden and photographs beautifully! It's the best to hide the white from the physical sunscreen. Then, liquid eyeliner by Marc Jacobs (Sephora), it's really black and smudge proof and it lasts 3x as drugstore brands. The final thing I do is cover those pesky under-eye dark circles with coverFX concealer, which I cannot recommend enough! It doesn't crack and it makes me look so rested even if I feel like a walking zombie because I drank too much and slept too little. I almost forgot, I plump my lips occasionally with the Too Faced Extreme Lip Plumper (Sephora).

For my teeth, every 6 months, Crest 3D whitestrips Professional effects, I brush with my Sonicare tootbrush twice a day with the Crest 3D white glamorous white toothpaste with the and the Brilliance boost polishing treatment by Crest 3D white too. At night, I rinse with the Rembrandt mouthwash and don't drink water for 30 min after.

Hair, I wash once a week, L'oreal Cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo, then Nuance by Salma Hayek (CVS only) Blackcurrant hair mask for 20 minutes and then, John Frieda Glaze for 5 minutes. I towel dry and then apply the Soy Protein Primer by Nuance by SH and then, I style it.


If you have any questions, I'll gladly answer them ;-)