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Gatsby DiCaprio Version Not Bad Two Major Fails and a Question








We saw this on dvd tonight. I paid a dollar for it at the fleamarket this morning.


I have not read the books since the 1980s for High School. I do love the Redford version.

I liked the second half of this movie but the start seemed like a long music video minus the dinner party and mental hospital scense.


Fail One: The music. Exceedingly disrespectful. It essentially said “songs from the 20s are garbage so we will insert ours”. The music kept taking me out of the movie. About a month ago there was a tribute to Tony Bennett on TV. Lady Gaga sang Le Vie En Rose. A very old song Lady Gaga added her own touches but respected the core of the song. You mean to tell me they could not have done same with this? Using 1920 songs adding a touch of modern flare but keeping the core intact still keeping it embedded in the 1920s.

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Fail Two: Carey Mulligan. Not once did I buy Gatsby’s obsession with her. Mia Farrow played a fool but she was no fool. This Daisy at times I thought “is she special needs or just have mentaity of a child”. The scene where Gatsby threw down his clothes to her as a game and in between houses at the party both times she looked like she was unaware of what was going on. When Tom was fighting over her with Gatsby it seemed like Tom was protecting her like he saw Daisy for who she was and Gatsby had an imaginary image of her.

When Tom was talking to her in the balcony after the crash it was like he was talking to a young child not his wife. Yet Tom treated her friend as an adult and with Myrtle as brutal as he was to her he still talked to her as if she was an adult.


Question I do not recount the orignal movie nor novel indicating Nick was in a mental hospital. Was this added for this movie.

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