A few weeks ago I saw the DiCaprio version and hated it. We loved Redford version. We saw it on dvd tonight.

My mother made an observation that first glance seems odd then given the times (early 70s) was probably more true then then now.

She said when she saw the movie at the theater (she was in her 30s) she thought how romantic Jay Gatsby was. She said she saw his moving across the bay and all the pictures and articles about her was true romance. I said that’s stalking.

She realizes now there was something wrong with Gatsby and that he really was a stalker. That he was obsessed and there was no romance at all.

I was amazed how differently Daisy was portrayed. In the DiCaprio version she came across as a child living in a fantasy world. Mia Farrow yes had one foot in a fantasy world but also not a child. She manipulated.Gatsby and enjoyed playing on his obsession with her. When she talked about his letter she got before her marriage and how she cried and was in the tub holding it crying and the paper came apart. Ah no, bs. It was obvious he meant no more to her then the other soldiers but she used the fact he thought he was different for a summer fling. I think she did not believe she would ever tell Tom then felt confused.


Tom and Daisy personified carelessness towards other.