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Gauging if this is normal?

Sitting at the bar, trying not to cry.

So, does anyone else invest a lot of themselves into work? And then, when it doesn’t work out, feels really bad?

I do. This may not be healthy. I have a lot of talents, and I know this. On good days, I know this. On bad days, I doubt my skills entirely, which I tie to my self-worth, and then I go into a deep spiral. My value as a person should not be based on my job, but that has become my trigger point throughout my adult life (it took my ex-boyfriend pointing this out to me to realize). (He was right. I put a lot of value on myself as a person in relation to how i’m treated at work. This may not be healthy.).


Right now, i’m feeling a bit undervalued and useless. I know I have things to offer, but at the moment, I feel like a moot point. And this is really fucking with me.

Is this normal? If not, happy cat gifs would be welcome.

ETA: I think I need to add images/gifs to my posts. Everyone else does! And they make posts fun :)

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