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Who would want to participate in a sub blog trivia off? I’ve been running one on TAY with a bit more structure than I’m envisioning for this one. It’d just be, show up and participate instead of me trying to schedule it (which is basically herding cats).

Any interest? I’d have to add more categories but mostly it’s all kind of geek culture questions right now, target audience and all. If you ARE interested, what kind of categories would you like to see? Is this a dumb idea? I woke up at 6am with my heart racing because I thought it was my next, “GOOD IDEA,” but then my ambition is usually overshadowed by logistics.


So let me know what you think, I can bring it up in the cross thread too, I thought it’d be a cool way to get some friendly rivalry going while also introducing the various sub blogs to each other.

If you’re interested in how it’s been going or if you want to hop in tonight (I still need 2 fillers for teammates who can’t show) take a look here. To spectate, click here (link to external website for Discord, the chat program I’m using - no personal info required for sign up). We’ll be starting round 3 at 5:15 pm Eastern Time. So it might be dead until then.

ETA: To be clear; I’m definitely NOT going to be doing solely geek culture, just that that’s my current line up of questions. If I am to do Kinja-wide, I’d need more categories - so blast me with them. What trivia categories do you love to see? Potent Potables? Words that start with X? “Questions I stole from Jeopardy”?

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