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Gawd I hate it when women whip out their boobs to breastfeed in public



Yesterday was the first time I could fully publicly BF applet. This was a bit of a milestone after all the troubles we've had feeding. It was very painful because I was a bit edgy and couldn't get him to latch properly, but we'll perfect it over time.

But people. What the fuck is with people.

When I say this is the first time I've 'fully publicly' BF, I mean that previously I had fed him a total of 3 times, in the car. One was at a motorway services a couple weeks ago in the car park. We were in an empty corner, except for one other car. The guy in it was watching me and oh boy was he getting an eyeballful. I kept catching his eye and looking totally horrified and he didn't seem to mind. It's like he was thinking "ha ha! She can't see me through my tinted windows! Wait, I don't have tinted windows. And the window is rolled down. Oh."


So yesterday I was timidly feeding my two month old infant on a park bench, back to the path, nobody really around, when a family comes up to start playing on the grass in front of us. Okay fine, it's a free country. Until the woman parks her baby buggy about 20ft in front of me, takes a good ten paces back, then takes a picture. What I was doing was unmistakable and I had to have been in that picture.

Today, we went to one of our favourite parks/nature reserves and after a good walk around, we woke up Mr Applet and went to a far corner of the park area and sat under a tree. I whipped out my boob, as you do, and jammed it in his mouth. We were proceeding merrily when some demon child came running up and started to climb the tree I was sitting under. Let me repeat: there was nobody even REMOTELY near us. You'd have to intentionally walk right up to us. The mother positioned herself this time about 8-10ft in front of me and took a picture of her demon child. With me fully breastfeeding in the foreground. I just had my jaw hanging open and looked at husband to say ARE YOU SEEING THIS??? He couldn't speak either, out of shock.


Then this foolish woman's gormless husband strolls up and he stands there watching the kid too, but staring straight at me, waiting while she took even more pictures.

I said "what in the ever loving fuck is going on here?? I have a boob out, can you NOT take pictures of me???" They remained slackjawed, like they couldn't understand me, continuing to take pictures. They were speaking to each other so, yes, they do speak English. Finally, their demon child walked away and slackjaw and gormless followed suit.


I thought people were supposed to yell at me for being obscene, not take pictures! I realise they weren't explicitly taking pictures of me, but these guys were very close and it was pretty hard to miss. Surreal.

PS Bonus story. You know how the inane advice givers make my head fucking explode? I put this story (in condensed format) on fb and one girl commented that I should get some nursing shirts to make it easier to feed. Because a grown ass adult woman with a baby has never heard of a nursing shirt?? My husband said "what the hell did she think you were doing? Oh, time to feed the baby, I guess I'll strip to the waist and just spray milk in the baby's general direction!"??

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